2021 Members’ Submission Window Selected Writers!

We made it! We read every single play sent to us through our members’ submission window in full and provided every single writer with a valuable script report!

It was such a privilege to read your plays. Each one was unique and received so many exciting, beautiful, and insightful ideas. We delved in to unknown words, heard untold stories, and learned about poignant human experiences. We explored politics, imagined the future and read everything from musicals to comedies to abstract plays and everything in between!

It’s fair to say we loved the experience and if we had our way, we’d help develop all of your plays! But alas, our resources are limited so we had to make some tricky decisions. That said, we’ve been able increase the number of writers we’re working with through offering group development sessions alongside individual mentoring and Zoom table reads.

So, here is the list of selected writers! More details on the opportunities we’re providing for these fantastic writers is coming soon – and you’ll be able to check out profiles for all the writers on a brand new page on our website that is currently being created. Watch this space!

London Playwrights Submission Window 2022 Selected Writers & Plays


The Quisling by Samantha Pears 

Give Me Back by Curtis Brown 

Dirty Thirty by Caitlin Abra Middleton

Dare to Dream by Eileen Bellot

The Line by Sam Chittenden 

Settled by James Pohotsky 

The Knife in the Backpack by Héctor Manchego 

Penguin by Scott Kingsnorth

Agathe by Angela Davis 

Sakuntala by Andrew Day 

X+Y+Z=? By Jo Griffiths 

Troll Factory by Laura Hayes 

Porcelain Dust by Emma Dawson 

Dawn Bird’ by Danny Whitehead 

Zahra’s Diary by Zak Ismail

Weapon of Choice by Laurel Green

Sandman by John Adamthwaite

A Songbook for Queer Voices by Tai Francis

Bourne by Megan Smith 

Dead Wings by Joey Ellis 

Iron Lung by Izzy Fitzgerald 

She’s Just Something That’s Happening by Penelope Saward

How to Blow up a Pipeline by Simon Jenner

Nightshift by Naomi Elster  

QT (FT. TIME  MERF + DEATH) by Sam Palmyra

The Antediluvian Order of Rhinoceros by Rupert Mallin

Trash Island by Frankie Regalia 

In Close Proximity to Love by Lew Osteen

Toothache by Emily Hindle 

 Profoundly Calm by David R. Ford

The Forgotten Astronaut by Jayne Marshall 

Big Day by Corene Lemaitre 

Clown Face by Clare Knights 

The Tinker by Olivia Foan

The Kitchen Fitter by Marie Hale  

Screwball by Michael Monroe 

Chrysalis by Jack Clearwater 

A Nation Once Again by Jeremy Cooke

Killing Biff and Chip by Claire Marie Perry 

The Understudy by Alison Mead 

The Bus by Darren Hill 

Little Boys, Grow Tall by Kieran O’Flaherty

 Everyone Remembers Steve McQueen by Josh Du Sautoy

World Wide Web by Linda Morse 

The Windrush Scandal – Our Stories by Fola Awofadeju

Mawddwach by Kevin McKiernan

The Crime of the Century by Eleanor Musgrove 

Treaty, Yeah by Virginia Jane Rose 

Tau(gh)t’ by D.Ray Zam.

Virginity and the Suburbs by Nayib Jean Baptiste 

The Back of the Sofa by Gerard Moran 

Fracture by Phillipa Lawford 

The Family Trick by Elizabeth Appell

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating the selected writers! And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for news on our 2022 members’ submission window coming soon.

The opportunities we create for writers are made possible entirely by our supporters. If you like our work and would like to see us continue and create more opportunities for playwrights, please consider becoming a member today. There are also lots of other ways you can support us, find out more here. 



2 thoughts on “2021 Members’ Submission Window Selected Writers!”

  1. Virginia Rose

    Dear LPW Team,

    I am thrilled to be included as one of your Selected Writers!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.
    I have already made changes to make my script a lot better, using the very perceptive and helpful suggestions from your dramaturg in their first report.
    It is exciting to be part of such an interesting and intriguing list of plays and writers. I look forward to our future work sessions with the LPW team.

    Thanks again, and best wishes.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Thanks Virginia,

      We are so excited to be supporting you this year and can’t wait to see how your play develops!

      Thanks to you too for all the support you give us!
      Best wishes,

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