29 Plays Later returns: a playwriting challenge for February 2016

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Due to popular demand, 28 Plays Later is back and – as this year is a leap year – it’s bigger and better than ever. They already have some exciting tasks for you, offering unique opportunities for writers.

Last year 115 writers started the process, with 83 completing it. 2,694 plays were written in that month, and while some may never be read again, others have already been performed all around the world.

How it works:

  • During the month of February 2016, you will have to write one short play every day.
  • Plays can be good, bad, terrible, embarrassingly dreadful – the only thing that’s important is that you write them on that day.
  • You commit £15 to the project and the money will be split between all the survivors who make it 29 plays later (minus 20% administration fee), last year this meant that everyone who completed received just over £16 (making it a commission of just under 4p per play).

How to sign up:  

To register, email Sebastian at 28playslater@space.org.uk. He will send you account details to donate £15 by 29th of January.

During February, you will receive an inspiring instruction every day at about 10pm, to help you along the way and get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to follow the instructions, but boy is it more fun if you do! You will then have 36 hours to write and send your play in, which will be due by 10am the following-following day.

You will send the play to 28playslater@space.org.uk – don’t miss the deadline, or you will be disqualified.

At the beginning of March, the money will be divided between all those who have managed to write, and send 29 short plays.

Full details here: https://space.org.uk/2016/01/02/a-2016-challenge-29-plays-later-returns/

Deadline: 29 January 2015

Source:  Bruntwood Prize Opportunities

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