In this five week online course you will learn a number of techniques which will unlock the true storytelling potential of your scripts. In a practical and collaborative environment, you will discover the confidence to write without inhibition and leave with a varied toolkit which you can use to tackle all your future story ideas.
The course is taught by Conor Patrick Carroll: a British/Irish playwright, screenwriter and creative writing tutor who has over 10 years of experience in script writing.
The course will cover:
•    Taking your first steps – How do you decide which ideas are the ones you will dedicate your writing energies too? By questioning what enlivens you in the stories you love, you will pin point what makes a great story that you feel excited to pursue.
•    Unlocking your characters – What makes characters so important to the stories we tell? By analysing unforgettable characters, you will be able to create your own and learn a proactive way to build stories which is intensely character focused.
•    Understanding structure – There are so many ways to structure your stories but what is the meta-story underneath which connects them? By learning the ways in which all stories are guided you will discover the unique structure which will inspire your creativity.
•    Finding your theme – What are you actually trying to say with your writing? By interrogating our own interests and life stories we can begin to understand our specific world view and how our stories can reflect and also change the world!
•    Crafting dialogue and scenes – What makes your characters sound real and authentic? By analysing pivotal scenes from the stories we love, you will find intuitive ways to incorporate everything you have learned on this course into your dialogue.
With an abundance of writing exercises throughout, you will have a number of opportunities to share your work and receive peer supported feedback. There will also be optional homework which will inform the next session and put you in good stead to tackle the material.
Each session will include a presentation which will be made available for those taking part to refer to, even after the course has finished.
Whether you have a script that you have been agonising over for years or are just taking those first tentative steps into writing, I want to hear from you!
I am offering each individual session of the course for £30 each, totalling £150 for the five sessions, which can be paid weekly.
Alternatively, you can pay upfront before the course starts and make a one-off payment of £120.
8th January – 5th February 2024, Monday Evenings, 18:30 – 21:00
For more information about the course and to register your interest click here!
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