Call out for Audio Comedy & Comedy/Drama Scripts!

***Call out for Audio Comedy & Comedy/Drama Scripts!***

A series of new comedy and comedy/drama audio episodes called ‘Fun Fight at the OK Corona!’ is being created.  Each episode will be its own self-contained story and will be recorded and produced by professional actors, directors and sound designers then made available free online…

What are they looking for? scripts of between 5-15 minutes long. No limit on characters, but a maximum of three actors will be assigned to each episode, so please bare that in mind! Stories could be true or they could be fictional, but they should engage with how we are living and experiencing life now. Funny, surprising, quirky, uplifting! They would love to see scripts in all different comedy genres – classic comedy, farce, romcom, horrorcom, quirky, black comedy, satire etc..but not anything very graphic or nihilistic, that’s not where they are going with this project!!! They are looking for comedic stories not sketch comedy…

They will be accepting scripts on a rolling basis, aiming initially to select and produce 10 episodes and will get back to everyone who applies, but please be aware it may not be for several weeks.

“The Money Stuff: Creatively we want to engage with audiences now, but we also want to support professional artists – especially considering so many of us have had work cancelled. The content will be made available for free, but we will also set up a patreon/donate what you can facility so that audiences can support the artists involved. Given the current climate, we don’t know what that will be like, but we will have agreements in place with everyone so that any monies which are received can be shared fairly.”

How to submit: If interested, please email your scripts to:

Deadline: rolling 

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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