Act Bedford and Content Created – Radio Theatre For The Mind’s Eye

When Act Bedford and Content Created (Abcc) teamed up for last year’s radio theatre for the Mind’s Eye event a dozen new radio plays were written, performed and broadcast.

In combination, now known as Abcc, the team are once again aiming to select at least ten plays from those submitted in this year’s invitation event.

Writers are invited to submit short audio play scripts in this open themed event.


  • Do read these guidelines, particularly the last one. Usually 25% of submitted pieces do not meet the brief and are discarded.
  • Any topic suitable for daytime broadcast is welcomed.
  • The play should run for between 10 and 15 minutes in length.
  • Basic sound effects can be suggested.
  • It is planned that a maximum of two actors will be made available for each play. Actors can voice multiple characters.
  • The piece should be original and not have been performed before.
  • The front cover page with the play should only contain the title, cast of characters and nothing else.
  • The email accompanying a submission should contain contact details, a brief synopsis of the play (50 words max), confirmation that it is your own original work and that you are eighteen or older.
  • The broadcaster’s listeners will be primarily in the age-range 29-49. The season of broadcast will be Winter and some writers might have this in mind as they shape their piece.
  • Only one entry per writer.
  • Judging will be done anonymously and will be initially based on the first two and last two pages.

At this point any plays which are not for radio/audio broadcast will be discounted.

Plays should be submitted in a standard form such as a pdf file to before the deadline date.

Facebook page has been created for further updates.

Entrants are invited to view the Facebook page in the late Autumn, to see which plays have been selected to move towards rehearsals. Plays moving successfully through rehearsals will be recorded in early December 2023.

Agreement is made that the successful writers will have their play recorded, played over the radio and receive access to their own copy of the performance.

Deadline for submissions: 17th September 2023

Please note: All writers and performers are unpaid. All radio stations used for broadcast are staffed by volunteers. No adverts are being placed into the plays and no financial benefit will be gained from the plays being broadcast.

Source: BBC Writersroom

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