Actors East Theatre – Writers East: Open Call for First Time Working Class Playwrights

Writers East is a continuation of AE Theatre’s stated pledge – to lower the barrier to entry to the arts – namely – the cost. With the help of Arts Council England, they can now offer 100% free training in playwriting to 3 participants.

Three award winners will be chosen to take part in an innovative 3 month course including writing groups, masterclasses, workshops with actors and directors, and be paired with industry mentors – designed to get them to writing a one act play – to be performed by professional actors at an industry showcase.


Anyone identifying as working class, or otherwise identifying as being financially disadvantaged. Anyone who hasn’t written a play that has been performed, or published anywhere (No previous writing experience is required – but if you have written for other mediums please feel free to apply).

Deadline: 22 November.

Find out more here.

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group.

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