Amplify Spring submissions window open for creative performance ideas

The Amplify Spring ideas submissions window will open at 10am on 2 March 2020 and will close at 10am on 3 April 2020. Theatre is made in numerous ways and they are interested in reading and hearing about exciting and dynamic ideas. They will take the best ideas/material and look at bespoke ways of developing these projects.

What to submit?

You can submit anything that’s a creative idea for performance. It could be a pitch, a proposal, a treatment or a script. You will need to join Amplify if not already a member. You can do that here:

How to apply?

For this initial stage, sending them a sample of your script gives them an indication of genre, your writing style, and ear for dialogue. The synopsis tells the story you’re interesting in telling and how you handle structure.

  • Please choose the best 10 pages to submit in either pdf / word format. Please check that each page is numbered and the title of the play is on every page. Please remove names so they can read these anonymously.
  • If you submit a whole script they will only read the first 10 pages.
  • Please also upload a brief synopsis of your play (no longer than 1 side of A4) in either Word/PDF format. This should have the title of your play but no name of the writer on it. This could be written as prose or bullet points.

If you are submitting an idea other than a script you can submit your idea as a document or a link to a video, audio or a website. This should tell them what you want to make, what you need to make it, any development of the project so far and any other support you’ve had.

  • Documents should be no more than 5 pages. They can be submitted in Word/PDF format. Each page should be numbered and have the title.
  • If submitting a link to a video or audio, they will only be able to watch/listen up to 6 minutes or the first 6 minutes.

They really want to actively encourage a wide range of applications to reflect the diversity of the East Midlands on and off their stages. They are committed to providing platforms for all. ‘All’ includes (but is not exclusively): People of colour, People from Non-British backgrounds, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Queer people, women and gender-diverse people, people from working class backgrounds, D/deaf and disabled people (including hidden disabilities).

They can provide an alternative way to apply if you feel forms are a barrier to accessing Amplify opportunities. Please make initial contact via email or ring 0115 8736246

Responses to submissions will be made in June 2020.

Submit your ideas here:

Deadline: 10am 2nd March 2020

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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