Angry Bear Scratches for…seeking short plays

Angry Bear Scratches for… 

Angry Bear Scratches for…  is is a night of new writing on the 11 of March, in aid of Mind, the mental health charity. 

They are calling out for for short plays (10 mins max).

The event will take place at a super-secret-studio-space-of-a-swanky-Off-West End-theatre to be announced when submissions have closed. 

It is free to enter and your play will be considered your donation to the charity. Angry Bear will have the right to perform your play once, on the specified night and will retain no rights over it thereafter.

How to apply: more details and how to apply can be found on their website

Deadline: submissions will open on 28 January and will close when 150 plays are received. 

Source: direct contact

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