Anima Theatre Company seeking emerging writers for new writing project

Anima Theatre Company are looking for a number of emerging writers to be involved in a project based around the idea of Place. Inspired by a different location each month, the writers will create a short piece responding to a place and the people that inhabit it.

During this process, writers will be taken to a space of the company’s choosing, and will be prompt to  interact with it. They will then be asked to meet someone who will become the subject of their piece.

Writers will be tasked with writing a piece of theatre about something they have spoken about, some strand of a conversation, or some other prompt that results from it.

The work produced will later be used for a monthly night of new writing at The Rosemary Branch Theatre. 

How to apply: To apply, please send a 10 page extract of work, and a 200 word summary of why would like to be involved to :

Deadline: 15 September 2017 

Source: Direct contact

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