Applecart Arts seeking writers aged 10-16 for inspiring submissions

Applecart Arts, a creative hub in east London, are searching for writers aged between 10-16 years who are passionate about their community. They are looking for original short stories, plays, poems, songs, works of art, and self produced video content which explore a subject matter or issue close to your heart and reflective of the community in which you live.

The most inspiring submission will be used as stimulus to create a new piece of educational theatre. The individual and their work will be credited as the inspiration for the work and will also receive support/mentoring from one of the Applecart Art team.

All word & PDF submissions should be sent to:

All video/music content submissions should be sent via WeTransfer to:

All work must be original and created by those age 10-16 years.

Deadline: April 20th 2020

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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