Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series seeking plays (Los Angeles)

Now in its 24th year, The Living Room Series is a New Play Development program based in Los Angeles, which embodies The Blank’s commitment to developing new work by diverse voices from both established and emerging writers.

The Living Room Series takes place on Monday evenings at the 2nd Stage Theatre in Hollywood between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The Living Room Series offers a week-long rehearsal process for the playwright, director and actors to explore and refine the play before presenting it to an audience. The performances are minimally staged, with actors carrying scripts, and are a wonderful opportunity for the playwright to get a sense of the play’s full potential. The Blank accepts submissions for the Living Room Series (workshops of new plays) from June 1 – August 31 via Submittable.


  • Submission must be full-length (one-acts or ten-minutes will not be considered at this time).
  • Submission must not have received a full production. Submissions that have received full productions, even if they have undergone significant post-production revisions, will not be considered. The Blank considers staged readings and academic productions exceptions to this rule.
  • Playwright may only submit one script per submission period.
  • Materials must be submitted as PDFs. For information on how to create a pdf, please visit:

What to submit:

  1. Playwright resume and biography.
  2. A one-sentence summary of your script. For example: A young man and woman from different social classes fall in love aboard an ill-fated voyage at sea.
  3. A brief synopsis of your play.
  4. A character breakdown list (including ages and gender).
  5. A brief artistic statement explaining how you feel your play would benefit from participating in the Living Room Series.
  6. An outline of your play’s developmental/production history (if existing). If the submission is optioned by another company, please note this in the Development History document so that they may attempt to coordinate the LRS reading with the upcoming production.
  7. A copy of your full-length play.

How to apply:  Applications can be made via Submittable on the company’s website.

Deadline:  31 August 2015

Source:  Direct submission

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