Blue Skies Workshops for writers from Sky or the Bird

Sky or the Bird are offering writers a chance to move their work on to the next level. You could be struggling on a first draft, looking to solve particular problems, or in need of inspiration to reignite your commitment to your work.

What They Offer:

PART ONE – Reading and notes with a meeting.

Blue Skies offers a reading of your work and notes in advance of a workshop, so you are prepared to make the most of the day. You will be given a script analysis, and a one hour meeting to go over the notes.

As the writer you may take time to incorporate these notes into the script before moving on to the workshop. This can be negotiated.

PART TWO – Workshop Focused on your needs.

A reading with actors selected for your play. This is an opportunity for you to hear your play in a supportive environment, with experienced actors who understand new writing. The aim of the reading is to get the play out of your head and into the hands of people who will help you approach it with a fresh perspective – your own – but fresh.

A group feedback session. Taking into account the notes from the reading, and questions from the playwright. The Dramaturg will work with you to facilitate conversation between yourself and the actors.

Improvisation – if required and desirable the actors will take notes from the writer and under the guidance of the director will conduct improvisations around ideas from the reading and notes session. This will be documented for the ongoing benefit of the writer.

PART THREE – Showcase.

An option to showcase your work at a future Sky or the Bird Scratch night – details to be released shortly.

According to their materials, you will leave with:

  • A better understanding of your play, and your uniqueness as a writer.
  • Confidence in your work as a writer, with new skills to draw from.
  • Options for redrafting the work, and a way forward to the next level.
  • An opportunity to showcase your work to an audience at a future Sky or the Bird event.

About Sky or the Bird:  Sky or the Bird work with writers. “New, Emerging, Established, or long since safely in the grave we cherish writers.”

Dan Horrigan is a director and playwright. Graduating from Drama Centre with a Merit in Dramatic Writing, Dan has collaborated with many companies. This year his films (adapted from his stage plays) have screened at over 30 festivals across the world and won numerous awards. He has directed work at The Space, The Drayton, The Cockpit, The CPT, The New Diorama, The Jermyn Street, The Pleasance, The Charing Cross Theatre, The Hope (Liverpool), Theatre503, and Soho Theatre.

Hannah Kaye is a movement lecturer, and director. She has worked for Steppenwolf in Chicago as an assistant director, and was also an assistant director at The Comedie Francaise. Most recently she helped produce The Chronic Life by the Odin Teatret at Saddlers Wells. Hannah is currently guest lecturer at Birmingham School of Acting where she is directing The Duchess of Malfi.

Together they have a combined experience of 30 years in the industry.

What you pay:  To quote Sky or the Bird:

“We are a professional service offering insights and skills that are the result of elite training and years of wisdom gained through working in the industry.

Having said that we are also committed to helping writers move forward and we realise that times are tough. Drop us an email and let’s work something out.”

How to apply:  Expressions of interest should be sent to Dan Horrigan at with Blue Skies in the heading.

Deadline: 31 March 2016

Source:  Direct contact

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