Brainchild seeking submissions for Hatch #8 at Southwark Playhouse

Brainchild’s Hatch is a platform for all kinds of artists: they champion innovative theatre, cabaret, comedy, music, poetry, performance art and everything in between – basically anyone willing to take risks and try something new!

It’s a relaxed night that puts six pieces of work, at an early stage of development, in front of the friendly Brainchild audience of creatives with the aim of encouraging feedback and interdisciplinary collaboration.

What they are looking for: submissions of no more than 10-15 minutes from all areas of art:

  • They are particularly interested in multi-form / multimedia and interdisciplinary work.
  • Ideas in development that will benefit from being tested out in front of an audience.
  • Ideas that require limited technical involvement – please be aware that the space has a limited tech capacity.
  • Work that could become part of the wider Brainchild programme – they are always on the lookout for exciting new ideas!
  • They’re open to comedy, though we’re looking for something more diverse than stand-up routines.
  • They like work that is political, challenging or socially engaged.

How to apply: If you’re interested in performing at Hatch #8 fill out this submission form. Please try to be as clear as possible in your description and bear in mind that it’s difficult for them to get a sense of you and your idea without supplementary/reference material.

If you have trouble uploading files to the submission form please attach any supplementary/ reference material to an email, subject heading ‘Hatch #8 Submission’, and send it to

* Please note they ask that you’re available during the day (for tech and dress purposes) and the evening of Thursday 14 June.

Hatch #8’s location will be on the ground floor of multi-purpose event space Platform in Southwark.

“Although we can’t offer payment for performing, our aim is to assist your creative process and provide support to emerging artists by creating a relaxed space in which artists and audience can contribute their thoughts on the work they’ve seen in a variety of ways. We hope the opportunity to share your work with the open minded creatives in the Brainchild network will be a fun and worthwhile experience for both parties.”

Submission Deadline:  30 May at 10am

Source: Playwriting_UK

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