Call For Texts – James Banner + Stephanie Lamprea Duo, James Banner

Composer and improviser James Banner is commissioning 6 people who work with words to create new pieces of writing for a new duo with Stephanie Lamprea. The words will form the basis of a new series of works for voice and double bass (plus guests) for a 2021 album release. Each commissioned writer will receive 200 euros and in addition, each piece will be published alongside its paired musical score as a limited edition printed book and in digital form.

You may be an author, poet, writer, blogger, journalist, or active in any other field that uses words, and at any level or stage in your career. There is no official requirement to be working professionally or established in any of these fields, however one aim of the project is to further the visibility of your work and develop your portfolio, to help stimulate future opportunities and the possibilities of further collaborations, therefore please consider if this is the right project for you before applying.

Find out more and apply here. 

Deadline: 15 January 2021

Source: Arts Jobs

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