Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize accepting plays on LGBTQ+ issues

Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize accepts plays on any topic affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and the promotion of diversity in love, society, politics and culture.

Two plays (one in English and one in Italian) will be awarded the amount of 1000 Euros each.

Special Mentions:

  • BEST COMEDY: for a play on relationships
  • BEST SHORT PLAY: a special mention will be given to a short play or video of a maximum of 10 minutes length
  • BEST MUSICAL: must be submitted in audio+ score version
  • BEST WORK ON ASYLUM SEEKERS: for a play on the topic of asylum-seeking for those persecuted for their sexual orientation.
How to apply?

Plays, Audios and/or Videos must be submitted via email at by 30th April 2020. For info, jury details and regulations, please check 

No participation fee is required.

Deadline: 30th April 2020.

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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