Crisis Theatre | Short Play Submissions

Who are we today, post-pandemic? What stories are we yet to tell?

Crisis Theatre/ICR Productions seeks submissions for short pieces of new writing (3-10 mins stage time), to present during a night of two halves: ‘F’ – snapshots of the lives of women, and ‘M’ – about the experiences of men, now in 2022.

Writers can specify their chosen half or send pieces that float between, to be staged either side of the interval.

Open to writers of all ages and backgrounds. Applications from first-time and young writers encouraged.

Pieces must be set in the last 3 years, exploring a true issue or life event. Monologues or pieces with up to 3 characters only.

Writing prompts:

  • Elation & excitement; disappointment & anger
  • Identity: questioning who we are or aren’t
  • Frustrations with family, relationships, work
  • Modern urban or countryside life
  • Chronic illness, loss, addiction
  • Challenging circumstances such as lack of money or opportunities

Please include:

1. A written introduction to your piece at the top of the first page, explaining the inspiration and rationale

2. A character list with age and characteristics, plus any casting notes

3. A short writer biography at the bottom of your script

4. Name of a music track and artist that you feel represents the piece or its themes

Please send submissions to

The chosen works will be developed with you, directed then staged or presented as rehearsed readings in South/Central London during early 2023 to an audience of theatre and media professionals.

Deadline: Friday 16th Dec 2022 at midday

Source: BBC Writersroom

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