DYSPLA accepting pitch ideas for a new writer in residency

DYSPLA has received a new Arts Council grant to fund the development of two Neurodivergent storymakers for a second year running. This year’s 12-month long Residency starts in April 2020 with an Industry Sharing in January 2021.

The residency will be tailored to each resident and will take place in London throughout 2020. Along with Surgery Scripts sessions, dramaturgy, a rehearsed reading and mentoring, DYSPLA will provide travel subsidy for anyone outside of London, desk space and rehearsal rooms.

DYSPLA is currently accepting pitch ideas for their writer’s residency and welcomes submission from anyone regardless of experience. If you want to tell a story, they want to hear from you and you can submit your pitch idea in any format, via the link below, over the phone, via email, a video pitch or an mp3 file. All they ask for is an outline of your story and why you need to tell it.

Deadline: 30th March 2020

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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