Fable Workshop is looking for writers to create social distancing plays

Fable Workshop is looking for writers and performers who would be willing to use their time spent social distancing due to COVID-19 to help create new theatrical works that push the boundaries of how theatre can be produced for an online audience.

In the wake of this global emergency, the worldwide theatre community has found itself without work for the foreseeable future, with many of the industry’s most talented voices finding themselves effectively “on pause” at home. Here at Fable Workshop, they’re looking into new ways that theatre can be created, produced, performed and enjoyed in an online society to both explore the way we engage with theatre in the 21st Century and assist those in the industry who may be struggling in these unprecedented circumstances. They call it: Quaranscenes!

​Download the brief here to find out how to send material and full details of what they are looking for. 

Deadline: ongoing now closed

Source: PLAYWRITING UK Facebook

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