Factory Theatre Workshop seeking submissions on theme ‘Dystopia’ for their newsletter

Submissions for an exciting new monthly project. In association with @thebombfactoryartfoundation, Factory Theatre Workshop will be sending out a monthly email featuring YOUR WORK!

This month, they want your work on the theme of ‘DYSTOPIA’. They want to stress that they do NOT want you to be limited by your idea of a ‘monthly newsletter’. They are especially looking for work that looks outside the box, that surprises them; think: radio plays, monologues, tangental opinion pieces, poems, jokes, essays, drawings. Whatever you think might fit, SEND THEIR WAY.

Having said this, all prose pieces should be at a maximum length of 500 words, and dramatic writing should be a maximum of 3 minutes.

Email submissions and any questions related to the newsletter to factorytheatreworkshop@gmail.com by Monday, 11 May.

Deadline: Monday 11th May 2020
Source: Direct Contact

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