Front Row Theatre Company looking for scripts

Front Row are a theatre company based in the North West with the  aim of creating significant, exciting and entertaining productions that provide opportunities for a deeper understanding of performance art.

This is a rare opportunity for script writers (experienced or upcoming) to put forward their work in the hope of a view to a production.

Their preference is a studio style piece, therefore minimal set and small cast but that does not mean to say that if your play isn’t suitable this time, they will not use it in the future, they want to view all scripts. If you want to see your play on stage, or maybe even toured, this is your chance.

How to apply: send scripts to Mike Coombes

Deadline: 31 March 2016

Source: Arts Jobs

2 thoughts on “Front Row Theatre Company looking for scripts”

  1. My name is James J Bauer, I am an occupational therapist, author of three books on the topic of dyslexia and I am also dyslexic. My first book, The Runaway Learning Machine, my personal story of growing up with an undiagnosed dyslexia, has been written into a play. It debuted in the Minneapolis area 2005 and was performed in East London 2007. Objective of the play is to bring awareness to dyslexia as well as to empower those with dyslexia. I wish to inquire if your Theatre would consider reviewing the script for possible presentation. If interested I could send you a copy of the script as well as a copy of the book. Thank you for your time. James J Bauer MA OTR/L, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    1. HI James – London Playwrights Blog only reposts these opportunities, so your best bet is to contact the theatre directly. Good luck with it!

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