Glasgow Caledonian University – Script based Phd Opportunity

Taking inspiration from a recent Richard Curtis interview in Broadcast in which he said: “Documentary has done a great job but now it’s time for drama. Brilliant shows like The Thick of It or The West Wing give people a reason to chat about politics. People need more frames of reference for climate change,” ​Glasgow Caledonian University is looking for someone with academic ability and proven script writing skills, either through a Masters programme or industry experience, to deliver this funded PhD.

The goal is to produce a commercially credible TV drama script, working with themes from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, alongside suitable academic commentary.

The application process is submission of a research proposal followed by an interview for short listed applicants.  They do not require writing samples at this stage, but any script ideas could be briefly stated in the proposal, where the key themes will be arts based research, sustainable development goals, TV drama.

Get further details of the application process on the GCU website

NB the Phd is fully funded (ie fees are paid by the university along with a modest stipend for the three years it usually takes to complete a Phd).

Although she cannot answer technical questions about the application process or funding, if you have further questions about the project proposal itself, please contact Dr Catriona Miller at

Deadline: 23 March 2021

Source: BBC Writersroom

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