Global Playwriting Contest 2015 on Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters ($5,000 USD prize)

The Philippine Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) is running a Global Playwriting Contest on “Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters”.  The project is a contribution to the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of UNESCO.

Applicants should read the full rules and guidelines outlines in the Global Education Magazine, however basic information is included below.

Eligibility:   Everyone is eligible to join the “Global Playwriting Contest 2015 on Confronting Climate Change and Defying Disasters”.

What to submit:  Each entry must focus on the theme of climate change as described in these rules. We cannot solve the crisis of human survival unless we address the Armageddon of global warming. The entry must have a compelling dramatic narrative line that aims at generating the will to build a mindset of disaster risk reduction, resilience in communities, and a healthier sustainable future for children. The entry should be based on a real-life experience that is available from numerous accounts from around the world. A short paragraph should be appended to the entry, identifying and describing the climate change issue that is tackled in the play.

The title of the play, the name/s and contact information (email address, mobile phone number, and mailing address) of the playwright or playwrights, and the estimated playing time on stage should be indicated on the first page of each entry. A scanned copy of the contestant’s passport or other identification card (containing name and address) should accompany the entry; in case there are two or more playwrights, scanned copies of their passports or identification cards should be attached.

Each play should run for at least 30 minutes but not more than 45 minutes without intermission on a stage. There is no limitation on the type of stage to be used. If it will not be a proscenium stage, there should be an indication in the page that describes the setting of the play.  The drama can integrate lyrics if there is music composition required. It can also include in the stage instructions if mixed media is used, the necessary visuals desired.

Prize/Payment:  There will be one (1) prize for the best play. The prize of Five Thousand US Dollars (USD $5,000.00) will be given by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDRR) headed by Dr. Margaret Wahlstrom, the special representative, of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

(The playwright or playwrights will allow the International Theatre Institute (ITI) to stage the play (live on stage) for one performance each in each United Nations member country without payment of royalties. The playwright or playwrights will allow the staging and or dramatic reading of the play at a United Nations and/or UNESCO event without payment of royalties.)

How to apply:  Each entry (in pdf form) must be received on or before noon of 30 August 2015 (Manila Time) by email to ITI Philippines Secretary General –

OR by postal service stamped August 30. Send to: ITI-Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Center, Gotesco Twin Towers B, Unit 1203, Natividad Lopez St. , Ermita, Manila, Philippines.

Deadline: 30 August 2015

Source: FB via @Playwriting_UK

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