GRIT: Royal Court seeking plays about resistance that can fit in the palm of your hand

Something’s got under your skin. It’s niggling away. You need to do something about it. We’re listening…

GRIT is an open call to writers of all ages and experiences to submit a play about everyday resistance, revolution and defiance.

What to submit:  The plays should fit roughly within the size of your palm. They can be created in any medium – words, videos, images or audio. Be creative – think about the moments of rebellion that go unnoticed and the voices of dissent which can’t be heard.

We’ll populate the building with your moments of resistance over the submission period. So keep your eyes peeled and your spirit strong, ready to pin down tiny acts of defiance.

How to apply:  Plays can be submitted to the Royal Court anytime between 8 Dec – 10 April, and can be sent via emailby post, or dropped off in person at the theatre.

Deadline:  10 April 2015

Source:  Playwrights’ Competition Calendar

3 thoughts on “GRIT: Royal Court seeking plays about resistance that can fit in the palm of your hand”

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Rob, you’d have to contact the submissions team at the Royal Court for more details about the spec as we’re only sharing the opportunity, not running it. If you follow the link on the post it will take you to directly to their website. Thanks for reading and good luck!

  1. Yes, but you don’t do your own site any favours to let stuff through that looks like complete gibberish.

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