Heart and Brain – Comic Writing Challenge

The Comedy Crowd has teamed up with Nick Seluk, creator of New York Times bestselling comic series ‘Heart and Brain’, to launch a new competition aimed at uncovering writing talent. They want you to create a funny comic using a specially crafted template. Your task is to come up with some brilliant dialogue, and add it to the comic in the space provided. Please keep it family friendly to align with the voice of the Heart and Brain series.

The competition will be judged by Nick Seluk, who will select and share the winner on The Awkward Yeti social channels, reaching a total of over 2 million people. Plus the winner will receive the first ever Comedy Crowd Challenge winner’s laurel and winners and runners up will join The Comedy Crowd Top Talent Group, a pool of the very best creators in the community who get access to exclusive paid briefs and opportunities.

What is ‘Heart and Brain’?

Emotion vs logic, irrational vs rational, two halves which make up a whole.

‘Heart and Brain’ is a bestselling comic series created by Nick Seluk. It’s all about the interactions between those two vital organs – because of course, they don’t always agree!

Find out more about ‘Heart and Brain’

The competition is free to enter, and you may enter as many times as you like.

For further details and to enter visit the Comedy Crowd website

Deadline: midnight on 5th July 2022

Source: BBC Writersroom

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