IdeasTap accepting submissions on theme of ‘Apocalypse’

The latest IdeasTap quarterly brief is now open for submissions.There will be a first (£250)second (£100) and third (£50) prize.

 The brief:

“Capitalism in crisis! Political unrest! Climate change! Antibiotic resistance! Do you ever feel like we’re basically doomed as a species? 

Well, what are you waiting for: stock up on canned goods and run for the hills because the theme for this season’s Editor’s Brief is APOCALYPSE.   

We want your artistic work – whether that’s writing, visual art/photography, audio or video – about the end of the world. Have as much fun as you want with the theme – we’re looking for originality, talent and creativity”.


There will be a first (£250), second (£100) and third (£50) prize in EACH of the following categories:

1. Audio and video (no longer than two minutes)

2. Writing (no longer than 1,000 words)

3. Visual art/photographs (no more than two)

All first-prize winners will become part of the IdeasTap alumni. Please note that you can only apply with one entry to one category.

How to apply: full submission details can be found on IdeasTap.

Deadline: Friday 13 June at 5pm

Source: IdeasTap Creative Brief page.

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