Ideastap Spa Workshop: from script to screen (happening tomorrow!)

Filmic responses: from script to screen with Katie Lambert


This workshop will look at how we take theatrical pieces and move them into film, using different techniques to respond to different scripts.

How does a play script become a strong film? Why do so many plays make terrible films?

This workshop will look at different ways of interpreting a script into film, drawing on different styles and techniques of recent years. Attendees will have the chance to work on a filmic response to Annie’s 1000 plays, having considered these styles. This workshop will give you the chance to think about the different methods of interpreting a script into a visual language, and the relative merits and downfalls of each.

Katie Lambert is a freelance video producer. Having completed the short ‘The Isle’ for the Shakespeare in Shoreditch Festival last year, she has gone on to direct several music videos for the indomitable Yve Blake, whilst also producing video content for Rough Trade, Icona Pop and Trashmouth Records. She is interested in high end aesthetics, and strong narrative structure; alongside the process of adaptation and the links between theatre and film.

Where: N17 London

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