Kibo Productions seeking submissions for London production

Kibo Productions have been offered a three-week slot at the Barons Court Theatre from 16 April-6 May 2018, and they’re keen to use this opportunity to stage a world premiere of a new play.
They welcome submissions from playwrights of all ages and backgrounds who have written an original work for the stage.
All plays must be received by midnight 3 March and early submission is recommended. They will provide dramaturgical support and feedback on submissions. The selected play will be produced by the company and directed by Sharon Willems. International playwrights are welcome to apply.
What they’re looking for:
  • Full-length scripts (interval/no interval all good)
  • The script can still be in development but should have a completed first draft.
  • They prefer unproduced texts but will consider plays that have had previous runs elsewhere.
  • Ideally, the action of the play would take place in one or two locations to minimise scene changes.
  • They prefer plays that are socially and politically engaged.
  • Casts of 2-4 actors (there can be more characters in the text)
  • They prefer plays with well-developed female characters.
  • Drama/comedy/musicals welcome
They’re not looking for:
  • Adaptations (unless very free and from source material out of copyright)
  • Solo shows
  • Plays that are primarily biographical (due to projects currently in development)
  • Plays about euthanasia (due to projects currently in development)
The production will operate on a profit-share basis for the cast and creatives. They are working to secure additional funding for the production, and, should we be successful, they will be able to offer an additional stipend for your work.
How to apply:  For more information visit their website
Deadline: 3 March 2018 at midnight
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

2 thoughts on “Kibo Productions seeking submissions for London production”

  1. Hi. That email address doesn’t seem to be working and there don’t appear to be any details about this call-out for submissions on their website.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Thank you Roisin, we’re checking this out with the organisers and will update it as soon as we hear anything.

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