Kick It Down Productions hosting workshop – Writing about Trauma (pay what you can)

Tanaka Mhishi (OFFIE Nominated Writer) will be running a “Pay What You Can” workshop for KickItDown Productions.
About: Some of the best plays require us to tackle subjects which can be difficult and traumatic, and all too often we find ourselves unsure of how to handle them. This workshop is an opportunity for us to approach traumatic subjects more safely for playwrights, casts and audiences alike.
The Workshop will cover: 
.What trauma responses look like, and how they affect the creative process.
.How to integrate trauma-sensitivity into a work without compromising on content/quality.
.Some tips and tricks for working with difficult and affecting material.
Find out more here:
Date: 26 July 2020 at 5pm
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Page

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