Kings Head Theatre seeking work in development for Without Decor

Are you an emerging writer attached to an ambitious company searching for a platform to develop your work? The King’s Head Theatre is looking for bold, dangerous and unique writers who need a leading London platform to develop their work.  The King’s Head showcases and nurtures the up and coming voices of British theatre and opera in the Without Décor programme.

Every month the King’s Head hosts a world premiere of a play, opera or musical by a writer or composer. No expansive sets, no impressive lights, no colourful costumes; books are down and only the essential components of theatre remain to create your piece:  Space. Writing. Acting. Directing. Audience.

The work is shown in its entirety, allowing an audience to experience the show at its truest and most vulnerable. These performance conditions are perfect for development of work.  Each new piece is presented over several weeks; the weeks in between performances are used to further develop the work, learning from the rehearsals, audience engagement and peer feedback.

How to apply:  If you are interested in producing your new piece as part of the Without Décor programme please send a note and the script to

Deadline:  None posted

Source:  @KateScottWriter

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