Little Pieces of Gold seeking 10 minute plays on subject of Social Media

Little Pieces of Gold is seeking ten minute plays on the subject of social media for their next showcase on the 15 & 16th June 2014 at Park Theatre.  Little Pieces of Gold is a regular showcase for bold, thought provoking, entertaining new drama with each show featuring an eclectic mix of short plays selected from around 300 submissions.

Writing prompt from Little Pieces of Gold:

To ‘like’ or not to ‘like’? 8 short plays about social media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked-In, Selfies and the rest, Little Pieces of Gold are looking for ten minute plays which say something about your relationship with the social media landscape and how it impacts your life.

Does it have a positive effect on love and friendship or does it simply give us a bad case of FOMO and lead to lack of intimacy? What about work and productivity? Does social media stimulate it or overload us with information, hamper our concentration and distract us from being creative? Has social media given us a voice? Has it made us more politically engaged, promoted democracy and helped to subvert despotic regimes around the world? Or, are its powers limited as armchair revolutionaries, censors and cyberbullies overshadow the good?

Whether you love it, hate it or are somewhere in between, tell us how it’s affected you.

What to submit: A ten minute play with a maximum cast of four.  They cannot accept extracts, adaptations or monologues, and the piece should not have been performed previously (readings are ok). Only basic sound and lighting can be accommodated.  Full details about submission are on their website.

Your application should include the following:

  • Your play (in PDF or Word format)
  • Short synopsis of the play
  • Brief writer’s bio
  • Your home address (only UK writers are eligible)
  • How you heard about the showcase

How to apply: Email your application to

What you get: Your play will be assigned a director and will be cast, rehearsed, and performed in the showcase.

Deadline: Monday 5 May 2014 at midnight

Source: BBC Writersroom

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