Little Pieces of Gold seeks shorts on the theme of ‘faith’

Little Pieces of Gold is seeking ten minute plays on the theme of “faith” for their 23 April production at Southwark Playhouse.

Little Pieces of Gold says: “During such turbulent times what happens to our belief in institutions, governments, religions, traditions, ideas and philosophies, and people?

“The English Oxford Dictionary defines faith as: complete trust or confidence in someone or something, or strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, or a strongly held belief.

“Plays can address any of the above.”

What to submit:  Plays that are no longer than 10 minutes, submitted in stageplay format and are for no more than 4 characters. All submissions will receive an automated thank you email.  If you have an enquiry related to your submission please put ‘enquiry’ into the subject header of your email. For further info please visit:

How to apply: Send to

Deadline: 15 March 2017 at midnight

Source: BBC Writers Room




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