London-based Chalk Roots Theatre are seeking 20-40 minutes play to be staged as audio dramas in 2021

London-based Chalk Roots Theatre are seeking 20-40 minutes play to be staged as audio dramas in 2021.
Over the past year all of us have been forced to contemplate our roles in arts and the role of arts in our own lives. Is life so full of confusion already that we have no right to add further chaos to chaos? Follow Rimbaud’s example: accept the futility of art and retrain in favour of a ’steady’ life? Or do we still vitally need stories – stories that can lead us on journeys to face our inner demons and discover uncomfortable truths? Let us know that we’re not alone in our sorrows and joys, inspire us to rise up to the challenge of living yet another day?
Chalk Roots Theatre is looking for a script (or scripts) to produce an audio piece over the next couple of months. We’re looking for playwrights who may not have definite answers to offer, but want to tell stories that are challenging, inspiring, authentic and need to be told – especially in these difficult times.
  • No thematic or genre restrictions: it can be about anything and set in any time.
  • The plays should be 20 to 40 minutes in length.
  • The characters ideally should be aged around 18-35 – these are the easiest roles for us to cast with our company.
  • Casts of 3-6 or so preferred.
  • Thematically and formally original: if you’re uncertain how and if it can be staged then this opportunity is right for you!
  • International submissions are welcome.
We’re afraid we’re not able to offer payment upfront currently, but we of course guarantee at least a good share of any potential profits, and any funding secured over the course of production.
How to submit: Submissions to please – one script per writer, resumes or any biographical statements won’t be taken into consideration.
About the Company: Chalk Roots Theatre are an ensemble of recent graduates from British and Russian drama schools, a Lithuanian director, and other international artists. We draw on our cross-cultural backgrounds to stage work examining hidden truths and human nature, inspired by classic plays and literature.
Deadline: 6 December 2020 at 5pm 
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