LPW: New Play Club Launching Next Week!

Next up on our new content for members is our revamped Book Club – with the chance to have your work read by professional actors! 


We told you we had more content and opportunities coming your way, and we aren’t stopping just yet. At LPW, we’re delighted to announce our brand new ‘Play Club’ project which is kicking off next week. For it, we’re taking the old online book club into a new exciting direction with more creativity involved! (And, let’s be honest, which writers don’t like being creative?)

Every other month, starting in March, we’ll be setting a play for everyone to read. From this, we challenge you to write a 10 page short play inspired by what you’ve read.

After each submission window, we’ll then select the winner from that round who can look forward to having their play read by actors at the final members meet-up of 2019!

Never fear if you aren’t selected, though, as we’ll be reading 4 plays this year, which means you’ve got 4 chances to get your shiny new short play read. Yep, you read that right, 4 CHANCES.

The first play is announced next week, and anyone is more than welcome to read along with us, but to submit your inspired short play you must be a LPW member. Check below for details about how to become one…

How to sign up

Play submissions for this project are exclusively for our members (you can sign up for less than 4 quid though and you’ll be helping to support the next generation of playwrights if you do!)

Members, check your emails for #PlayClub updates! They’ll automatically be sent to your inbox as and when things are ready to share. We’ll share details of how to submit your plays when the submission window opens in April.

You’re also more than welcome to just read the plays and join in some discussion with us about them on the members Facebook group! We’ll open up a discussion forum on there at the same time we open for submissions, so don’t feel you have to write a play, you’re absolutely fine to just read too.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and follow the link as above.

Here’s to reading and writing!


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