Made From Scratch seeking short plays inspired by YouTube

Made from Scratch will be returning to Rich Mix on November 30th for their latest Scratch Night, theme: YouTube.


“In 2005 YouTube launched with a simple message, “Broadcast Yourself”. Since then it has gone on to become a global sensation with 6 billion hours of video watched each month. It has changed the way we create and consume media and may be better reflecting our society than the mainstream media.

Made From Scratch invite you to explore this cultural phenomenon with us in our latest Scratch Night. We are looking for mini plays inspired by one video from YouTube’s millions. It could be a perennial favourite or something more obscure. You might choose to directly explore the situation or characters within the film or merely use them as a starting off point. The choice is entirely up to you.”

What to submit:  They are looking for plays that are around ten minutes long.

Please make sure that your NAME and contact details are NOT on the script but on a separate attachment. All submissions are read blind to avoid bias. Include your name, email and phone number on the separate attachment.

Please also include a link to the video that’s inspired you.

How to apply:  Email your submission to: with “Scratch Night YouTube” in the subject line.

Deadline:  Monday 28 October at 5.00pm

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

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