Medair seeking playwright for four monologues about Syrian Refugees (£50 fee)

Medair is looking for a writer to turn stories about Syrian Refugees into 4 theatrical monologues each of 2-3mins. WeTheyalready have a writer (but not a playwright) who has done a first draft but we are looking for a playwright to take them further and re-write them for a performance.

Medair is an international humanitarian organisation working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. This summer, they have a slot on the programme at a faith, arts and justice festival called Greebelt. The session would last for one hour and would be for an audience of up to 800 people. Our idea is to have four actors playing the role of refugees delivering monologues about a difficult decision they have to make as refugee. The monologues based on real stories gathered from their teams in Lebanon and Jordan. Audience to participate by being given a choice of what they would do in refugee’s situation and keep a track of what decisions they would make.

The four stories would focus on these tough choices:

 Story 1: SCENARIO: Refugee A stuck in Syria with a lot of conflict in their neighbourhood jeopardising their families safety. CHOICE: Stay in Syria or flee the country?

Story 2: SCENARIO: Refugee B has fled the conflict and ended up in a refugee camp but situation in refugee camp is dire – no opportunity to work, facing lots of abuses for women and children, in a community of 150,000 other refugees in cramped conditions. If refugee decides to leave the camp they are not allowed back in. CHOICE: Stay in  refugee camp or try and make a life outside the camp?

Story 3: SCENARIO: Back in Syria, Refugee C had a good life, made decent money, running water/electricity etc. but as a refugee life is very different and struggling to get basic necessities. CHOICE: Spend money on healthcare or food?

Story 4: SCENARIO: Refugee D faces squalid conditions in informal settlements, lacking protection from the weather. Narrative taken during a heavy rain storm. CHOICE: Move from the flooded tent or ride it out? (See attached example)

Fee:  They are willing to pay £50 to turn these stories into theatrical scripts for a monologue.

How to apply:  To apply please email with your cv and a script you have written or a page of diagloue from a script you have written.

Deadline:   “We have quite a tight deadline and will need the scripts completed by the 4th August.”

Source:  IdeasTap Jobs


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    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Selma, I’m not sure what the outcome of this was but it might be worth contacting them directly if you’d like to know more.


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