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MO&NA Theatre Company C.I.C. are on the look-out for fresh, new scripts to feature in their upcoming ‘From Scratch’ event. From Scratch is a community arts programme, that looks to provide opportunities for local artists from the Bedfordshire area to get involved with creating and staging new theatre. You do not need to be from Bedfordshire to apply, but local applicants are strongly encouraged.

Submissions for short scripts of approximately 10 pages (or 10 minutes), from a variety of genres are welcomed. Your script could be a standalone short play, or a scene from a longer piece. You do not need to have written for stage before; they simply ask that you channel your creativity & showcase your talent & passion as a writer.

If your script is selected, local artists from the Bedfordshire area will be tasked with fully staging your words off-book in front of an audience at The Place Theatre, Bedford, on Saturday 24th August.

Applicants from Bedfordshire will be prioritised. There is not an age limit, but please note that decisions will be made based upon the appropriateness of the pieces and their cohesion for a full night of theatre. In some cases plays may be featured alongside plays designed for audiences of 18+.

Please complete an application form to be considered by following this link

You will be asked to upload your script, as well as answer a couple of questions about you and the piece.

Visit the theatre’s website for further information

If you have any questions you can get in touch using this email address

In order to be considered, writers must confirm acceptance of the following terms:

‘You are happy for your work to be considered for the From Scratch event taking place on the 24th August 2024, and understand that if your work is selected it will be staged by a director and actors at the event.

By submitting your piece, you grant your consent for directors to approach your work with creativity and an open mind. You entrust them to make choices that, while they might lead to dramaturgical differences from your initial vision, aim to honour the essence and themes of your play. Directors and Actors will be under strict instruction to follow your writing and not deviate from the words used unless express permission is sought and granted by you.

You also confirm that you understand that this is a voluntary event, and you will receive no payment for your submission, including if your work is selected to be featured in the From Scratch event.’

This is a fully volunteer-run event. No organisers or artists will be remunerated for participating in this project.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 1st May 2024 00:00

Source: BBC Writers

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