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Young Vic Genesis Network members, designer David Medina Águila and director Alice Chambers, are looking to commission an important piece of theatre, which we intend to produce as part of a larger project of monologues that speak to a coming-of-age generation, this is the first step and we are excited to collaborate and play together -trying to start something bigger with a limited budget. We are looking for a writer for the following:

⁃An important story that needs to be told

⁃Actor-writer is ideal but not essential

⁃Max 15 minute monologue

⁃Interest in collaborating with theatre and film

⁃Availability in mid-December in London: 1 day of rehearsal, 1 day of shooting

⁃We particularly encourage submissions from underrepresented voices

⁃Fee: £75

How to apply: 

⁃Short summary of your monologue in any form that you prefer e.g. 2 minute film/ 200 word synopsis

⁃Deadline: 4th December, midnight

⁃Email to:


Deadline: 4 December 2020 at midnight 

Source: direct contact

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