NMI’s ‘Search for New Musicals’ Seeks Submissions ($195 entry fee)

NMI’s Search for New Musicals accepts entries from around the globe; winners receive awards worth up to $25,000 in workshop productions, concert readings, feedback, and developmental support.

If you’ve written a musical, and you would like some honest, constructive, detailed feedback on how to make your musical better, you can submit your musical to NMI for dramaturgical feedback at levels from evaluation to analysis to table reading to workshop to concert reading.

What you get:  All musicals submitted (at any level) to NMI by JULY 15 of any year will be automatically entered in the Search for New Musicals for the next season.  Winners will be announced by November 15 following the annual deadline. The winner of the Search receives a workshop with the Academy Repertory Company, detailed feedback from the NMI staff, and will be given a concert reading in Los Angeles.

What you pay:  There are fees attached to all of the levels of development available through NMI.  The entry level is $195 for a 20-30 minute audio Script Overview; the next level is an in-depth 2-3 hour video Analysis for $400.  NMI on these fees:  “We know that some writers do not feel that there should be fees attached to script submissions, but our feeling is that the fee is for the Script Overview, and the entry into the Search is a side benefit.  If you are submitting your musical ONLY because you want to win a contest, then the Search probably isn’t right for you.” 

How to apply:  Applications can be made through the Academy of New Musical Theatre website.

Deadline:  15 July 2015

Source: BroadwayWorld via  @RachelBublitz

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