Old Vic Lab offering free rehearsal space this spring – deadline this Sunday! (APPLICATION LINK CORRECTED)

The Old Vic Lab is offering up to two weeks of free rehearsal space for emerging artists and companies between February and May 2017 at The Old Vic Workrooms in Bermondsey.

The Old Vic  says during the last year it has given 1,000 artists 3,000 hours of free rehearsal space. It wants to continue this by offering space and supporting 70 different projects throughout the next year.

What you get: The time and space will be yours to do with as you see fit and a member of The Old Vic team will be available to offer feedback and advice on future development. You will also have access to the Green Room, a relaxing breakout space and central hub for artists working in the building.

Eligibility: The Lab wants to support theatre makers, companies or artists who are looking to transition to the next level. If you have made your first couple of shows but want to take a step up with your work, then the Lab wants to hear from you.

The Lab is not necessarily looking for work to programme at The Old Vic, but would like to support the development of projects that could belong elsewhere in the wider industry. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are welcome.

How to apply:  [*We have received a corrected application link from the Old Vic – this is updated below and should now work! Apologies for anyone who had issues.]

Apply  here. If you have a question or problem with your application, email artists@oldvictheatre.com.

Deadline:  Sunday 22 January at 5pm

Source: Direct contact

2 thoughts on “Old Vic Lab offering free rehearsal space this spring – deadline this Sunday! (APPLICATION LINK CORRECTED)”

  1. Hi There,

    I have sent an email in however thought to leave a comment as well. I can’t access the link for this application. Do we need to submit via email and if so what details do we need to provide? Please let me know 🙂



    1. Hi Serena, We’ve heard from the Old Vic that there was an error in their link, but we’ve now got the right one, so this should be working. Good luck with your app!

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