OMF Theatre – Comedy Sketch Opportunity

OMF Theatre is looking for writers to submit comedy sketches for a new radio series on community radio station Liskeard Radio in Cornwall (staffed entirely by volunteers).

This is an unpaid opportunity to have your work produced and performed on local radio as well as on the OMF Theatre YouTube channel.

They are looking for comedy sketches with 1-2 characters preferred.

Barmy Nonsense is an inoffensive sketch series, minimal swearing. It is currently on at 9.30pm on Sunday nights and OMF Theatre’s YouTube channel on Mondays at 845 with live chat so you check out the sort of thing they like and whether it suits your humour and writing.

Episode 1 is available on YouTube here Do listen and see what they are about.

Send submissions by email to

Deadline: 2 December 2020 at 9am

They will try to respond to all applications by the new year with the series expected Easter 2021.

(BBC Writersroom note: OMF Theatre has confirmed that no one involved will be paid).

Source: BBC Writersroom

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