One Last Gasp: Lita Doolan seeking poems, short stories and monologues for online reading

Poems, short stories and monologues that show something new emerging either from a rediscovery made after returning to a familiar place or from an embarrassing moment that became cathartic. This moment can only be experienced now, like One Last Gasp.

Recent projects from this team include well-reviewed curated work at Dublin Pride, Burning Man 2020 and Glasgow Literary Festival where the performances was hailed ‘a real highlight’.

Further information is here

Ideas for writing prompts include, the last time you tried to do something and had almost forgotten how to do it; a struggle to get somewhere and the moment you know you won’t make it; the loss of something unexpected in experiencing a victory; giving assistance anonymously and leaving not knowing if anyone will benefit from it.

Prose or Monologue that is less than 750 words and Poetry that is less than 40 lines are all welcome.

Please email writing to with ‘One Last Gasp’ in the subject box.

Closing date: October 31st Midnight

For online reading November 28th

No writers fee but link to podcast and youtube recording will be forwarded to selected authors.

Copyright of work submitted remains with the Author as always.


Deadline: 31 October 2020

Source: direct contact

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