Open Vault Theatre seeking shorts for scratch night

Unfelt, Unheard, Unseen is a New Writing Scratch Night at London’s Drayton Arms Theatre on 2nd & 3rd December 2018.

They are currently taking submissions of short (up to 15 minute) plays about the relationships that shape our lives. Successful writers will get to see their scripts cast, produced and performed, a great chance to get your work in front of an audience.

They are particularly interested in hearing from BAME and female writers.

How to submit: please send all submissions to

Deadline: 5 November 2018

Source: BBC Writersroom


2 thoughts on “Open Vault Theatre seeking shorts for scratch night”

  1. I have just sent you a short play for your consideration, having read your post on the LPW’s weekly report.
    The play won first prize at AWL (
    This is a writers, actors and directors group that meet every other week at the Polish Centre. There are over 200 members. Please let me know that you have received the play.

    Best wishes

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Carolyn,

      We repost these opportunities for your convenience so please contact the organisers directly with any queries as there is no guarantee they will see these comments.

      Best of luck with your submission!

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