Opportunities – Pick of the Week: Rent & Angels in America FREE Zoom session for our members

Each week we look through our pile of writing opportunities to pick out one we think is particularly worth your time. It could be an innovative brief, great prize money, a high-profile company, or just plain fun.

This week’s pick: Rent & Angels in America FREE Zoom session for our members

Description: To celebrate our new initiative, Learn with London Playwrights, we’re offering LPW members a free Zoom session discussing Angels in America & Rent! 

Why is it so great?  Well it’s free for our members and is the perfect chance to meet other writers and find out more about two iconic plays! Our new Learn with London Playwrights series is a new resource we have on offer where we cover key theatre subjects in the form of podcast style lectures and downloads – we’re really excited to have uploaded the first of these, which are sessions on Rent and Angels in America. So to accompany the online resources, we’re hosting a free Zoom session and hope you’ll join us and also find out more! Book your spot here and find out more about Learn with London Playwrights here. 


Source: LPW

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