Organised Chaos accepting submissions (£5 entry)

Organised Chaos Productions is now accepting scripts for its’ 2014 script call. The company is based in Manchester and the winning script(s) will receive a debut production at the Lowry as well as the possibility of a North West tour.


Your submission must be:  

  • Original
  • Written by you
  • Production ready
  • Not previously produced (workshops and rehearsed readings are not considered to be a previous production)
  • Have a cast of between 1 and 6
  • Length from 45 minutes to full length
  • Suitable for a studio space
By submitting your script you are confirming the above to be true of your script and that you agree to the following:
  • Organised Chaos Productions producing your play exclusively for 18 months
  • Proceeds from the initial debut performance run will fund further performance dates which would be done on a  profit share basis, assuming they do not secure funding.
Additional information: when you submit your script there will be a £5 administration fee in return for reading your script, considering it for production and offering feedback.
There will be a three stage process to submissions:
  1. They will read the first 10 pages and decide if scripts will reach the next stage
  2. Scripts will be read by at least two people and a shortlist will be made
  3. The whole team will read scripts

Feedback will be given at each stage

How to apply: email script to using the show title and the author as the subject.                   The first page of your script should include you name, email, phone number, title of the play, estimated running time, number of characters/ actors. Please do not include this information on any other pages of your script.

Once  scripts are received they  will send you a paypal invoice for the admin fee which will need to be paid before they read your script.

Deadline: 31 May 2014

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook page

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