Papatango Library & Arts Council Advice

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Papatango have come up with some fantastic resources. We’ve already posted about their Isolated But Open Commissions but they have also launched the following (in their words, taken from Playwriting UK Facebook Group):

Papatango Library
We’ve got a bookshop. In normal times, we sell plays dirt cheap to fund our free playwriting workshops in state schools.
Now, with many people facing self-isolation and/or worried about finances, we will create a free, mobile library of brilliant new plays.
Join us on Twitter at PapaTangoTC and tweet us with #PTLibrary and we’ll send a lovely package of 3 plays (to each of the first 10 people to ask).
Once they’ve been read, use the hashtag to ask who else wants them, then post off.
That’s 30 plays in circulation; we can’t wait to see what places they reach!
Usually 3 plays from our shop are £8 plus P&P. Now they’re free, less the cost of sharing them with someone else (approx £1.30). If that’s a stretch, let us know and we can help.
Please share pics of yourself with the plays – we’d love to know what homes and people they visit!

3. Arts Council Advice
The brilliant Arts Council are supporting freelancers and companies in this hard time and refocusing grant programmes to support those hit by Covid-19. If you’re doing an application and want some advice, our Executive Director Chris will be happy to chat. Email us on

Deadline: not applicable 

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook page

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