Pentabus are offering a FREE 6 month scriptwriting course (16 – 30)

Pentabus are offering a FREE 6 month scriptwriting course for those ages 16 – 30. No previous
experience of playwrighting is necessary as this programme is aimed at young people who may not
even know they’re writers yet and for those who have some experience of writing.

What to expect:
Through a series of online evening sessions you will work with experienced writers and directors to
develop a short script. Your work will be realised in a digital format. It will be produced by a
professional creative team and performed by professional actors and released across our digital and
social media channels.

Through the workshop process you will:
 Explore how to construct characters, build scenes, create tension and write dialogu
 Generate and explore ideas for your play
 Be supported to write a first draft
 Work through a drafting process leading to the development of a rehearsal draft
 Learn how to incorporate design, sound and music into your play
During the creative process you will:
 Be invited to a rehearsal room session with the creative team
 Work with the creative team on any script work that comes out of the rehearsal process
Following the program of work you will be:
 Required to attend an evaluation session
 Invited to a workshop on longer form writing
 At each stage you'll be offered in-depth support and feedback from the group’s tutors.
Important Info:
 Online Zoom sessions will take place every 3-4 weeks on a Thursday evening from 7pm –
 Participant age: 16-30
 Who is Pentabus? Pentabus is the Nation’s Rural Theatre Company and we are particularly
interested in hearing from rural writers.
 When does the course run? December 2023 – July 2024.
 Where: Online
 Cost: Free
 The deadline for applications is 09.00 on Mon 04 December.
How Do I Apply?
To apply for a place please email and we'll send you a form asking for the
following details:
 Your name, age & contact details
 Your location (and your link to or experience of the rural).
 A sample of your playwrighting (1-10 pages).
If there are any access requirements you would like us to be aware of please give us details when
completing your application form. Any information given regarding personal access requirements
will be used to inform access during the course. All information will be kept confidential.

If you would like more information or to talk about the opportunity before applying please contact


Deadline: 4 December 2023

Source: direct contact

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