Precious Cargo accepting short scripts about South Tyneside

Precious Cargo are offering an exciting opportunity to writers to have their work performed as part of a new promenade performance, If Words Weren’t Free.

‘Imagine a world where words were no longer free. The libraries closed, the books burned, the government in control of who learns what’.

For the last fifty years South Tyneside has had such a regime, even telling stories to friends or family is controlled, and so the people begin to lose parts of themselves. Their voices, their imaginations, their identities.

But a rebel group meets, on a certain day to share stories of the past and the present and to stand up for their right to listen and be heard.’

Commissioned by South Tyneside Library Service and the Customs House, Precious Cargo are working with a host of local artists and community members to create this performance that will appeal to audiences of all ages and celebrate the rich history and culture of the area. Two performances will be held on the 5th of December.

They are looking for writers to create:

  • Short five minute pieces on historical figures from the area such as Dolly Pearce or John Simpson Kirk-Patrick
  • And poems about South Tyneside, either generally or about a specific time or place.

If you have something to submit, or would like to talk to us about creating something new, please contact Jonluke  –

Deadline: 31 October 2015

Source: Arts Jobs

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