Programme – Mac & Beth Holdings by Sally Wilden

Mac & Beth Holdings is on of our Play Club 2021 winning plays; it was written in response to All Work No Play by Scott Younger.

Mac and Beth leak to upstart Lennox, their plan to murder competitor Duncan King and
expand their nuclear plant on the Heath.

Trigger warnings: violence, mimed knife violence, swearing, bullying.

A re-make of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a ruthless corporate executive, deadly in his
expansionist vision to develop The Heath for a nuclear plant. Mac and wife Beth, plot to
remove the last obstacle to achieve their plan|: two old sisters, last inhabitants of the
Heath. Mac jealously eyes Duncan’s competitive edge at a business conference and
confides in Lennox, a rising star in the corporate world, that Duncan must be eliminated.
But Lennox has already warned Duncan and conjures up strange tricks to disturb Mac’s
fragile balance of mind.


Cast and Creative Team: 

Writer: Sally Wilden

Director: Chloe Cattin

Lennox: Luke Palmer

Mac: Richard Sandling

Beth: Laoisa Sexton

Panel guest: Rex Obano, screenwriter and playwright.

About the writer

Sally Wilden’s work includes a one act play, ‘Adlestrop – again’, ‘Hope and Loss’, a short play selected for Playclub 2019, co-author of ‘Trojan Whores’, Courtyard Theatre,London and ‘Gainsborough and the Modern Woman’ to be toured in East Anglia 2022. Her first love is writing for theatre but she has also written for radio and film.

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