Robin Hood Theatre announce new script submission window

Robin Hood Theatre has introduced a new script submission process for 2018-19.

In their words: 

“Our script submissions window will open on September 1st 2018 until midnight on September 30th 2018, open to all writers aged 16+ based in the East Midlands region and members of our play writing group, Play Group.”

How it works: playwrights are invited to submit an original script of a full-length stage play that has not been performed before. Their panel of readers will select three finalists. In early 2019, their scripts will be given a partial rehearsed reading at the theatre before the RHTC board and selected guests. If an overall winner is selected by the board, this will be declared the most promising play 2018-19, and go on to be included in the RHTC 2019-20 season for a three night run on the main stage in their ‘New Works’ slot, dates to be confirmed.

Entry requirements:

  1. The play must be at least 100 minutes long, using a minimum of four actors.
  2. The play must be an original work for the theatre, solely by the author, that has not been performed on stage, apart from rehearsed readings.
  3. They cannot accept proposals, early drafts, adaptions or multiple entries.
  4. They are not able to consider musicals.
  5. There is no specific theme or subject to write to.
  6. If your play is selected for the ‘New Works’ performance, they would like you to have some involvement with the director in its development and in the rehearsal process. They regret we are not able to pay for travel or other costs.
  7. They do not offer a royalty payment if your play is performed and will not retain any rights afterwards. Some images and promotional material will remain on their website. There is no cash prize or cash alternative.

How to apply: entry is free, by email only. In the subject line put: ‘Play Title by Your Name’ eg: This House by James Graham. Include your name, DOB, address and telephone number in the email message. They do not require a synopsis or author biography. Attach a PDF of the play, named as the play title, which must not include any author details, and send to . The link to their submissions page can be found here.

They will reply to your email to confirm receipt. This could take a few days.

The three authors selected for a partial rehearsed reading will be contacted in January 2019.

Deadline: 30 September 2018 at midnight (submission window opens 1 September 2018) 

Source: direct contact

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