Royal Exchange/ New Charter project commission – accepting proposals

*Not strictly a writing opportunity, but if you write or devise as part of a creative team or company, this could be one for you!*
New Charter Project Commission 2014
In January 2012 the Royal Exchange Theatre embarked on an innovative three year partnership with the New Charter Housing Trust Group and its Academy in Ashton-under-Lyne. The partnership aims to break down the barriers between concepts of ‘school’ and ‘community’ and to explore ways of making work collectively.
They are now in year three of the partnership, and would like to work across the Community and the Academy activity strands to create a dynamic, high quality, artistically adventurous event which promotes community cohesion and celebrates cultural diversity.
They are looking to appoint a creative team who will develop, design and deliver the event, supported by Royal Exchange project managers and co-ordinators. This commission is for £3,000 (which is in addition to a £10,000 production budget).
Full details are available on the website.
Deadline: for submissions of interest is 29 January 2014. Interviews will take place on 7 February
Source: IdeasTap Jobs page.

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